What is decadance?

Decadance is a social dance performance group that strives to make traditional couple-dancing less traditional. Our purpose is to be interesting and inspirational for all types of audiences, and to make our audiences want to dance as much as we do.

Collectively, our dance experience includes competitive ballroom dancing, ballet, modern, hip-hop and more, and our other performance experiences range from martial arts to musical theater to synchronized swimming.
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Upcoming performances

Deca's Final Show!
Decadance will be putting on one last show!

Saturday, July 28, 2018 at the Starbright Theater in Campbell
There will be two performances, at 2 PM and at 7 PM

Purchase tickets here!

The latest photos and video

Watch decadance's recent public performances on our YouTube channel!

Browse pictures from our events in our photo gallery.

Check out our winning entry for the Energy 92.7 TV commercial contest! The final version of the commercial, starring decadance, has been spotted on MTV, VH1, Bravo, and other channels.

See Jason Chuang's stunning pictures of our 2009 Spring Show at the Mountain View Center for Performing Arts.

Visit our dances page to see more photos & videos.

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